We are not a consultancy that leaves you with a presentation or report. We take accountability for the results.

We will work with you to create and execute a digital strategy that will transform your online presence. And we will bring it to life for you with out interim execution team, working as part of your organisation to make it happen. Your organisation will also inherit the capability to successfully integrate and manage this digital capability after we leave. 

See how the Digital Growth Formula has worked for our clients.

Building a digital presence is essential for any organisation

Customers are quick to adopt new technologies and change their behaviour. Business that are slow to catch up are in trouble, because native digital companies will jump in and grab growth. Especially in traditional industries. To stay relevant you need to accelerate the development of your digital capabilities, but many organisations find that making digital work for them is complex and can absorb significant resources.

Accelerate the development of your digital capabilities to stay relevant

Making your digital presence deliver tangible results that substantially lift performance requires different ways of working that are not part of the culture of traditional organisations. Those are typically part of the DNA of the leading internet organisations, but often not easily accessible outside this charmed circle. 

Imagine Digital specialises in bringing these digital skills to organisations that want to make the digital jump but have not yet found the magic formula. Part of our philosophy is to transition knowledge, skills and tools. Imagine Digital’s process ensures Digital talent and skills are embedded within the organisation based on customer insights and accountability for the results.

Finding the magic formula for growth together

Our Digital Growth Experts have decades of experience in leading online companies such as Google and Rocket Internet. Our team is dedicated to applying deep expertise of digital growth strategies in a hands-on way.

Henri Gentis

Henri founded Imagine Digital in 2016 to help companies to accelerate online growth. He started his career in ABNAMRO, where he was general manager of online banking. Henri has a long track record of managing growth at digital companies, as MT member of Google Benelux and COO of TravelBird. Henri holds a law degree from Leiden University and studied growing companies at Stanford.

Nancy Spijkman

Nancy joined Imagine Digital after graduating in business administration from the VU in Amsterdam. She was already active in leading change at University, where she was on the management team of one of the Netherlands’ largest student unions. In her role as partner manager at Imagine Digital, Nancy ensures all digital expertise and tools are implemented and leading to online success. 

Erik Kuijpers

Erik learned to manage online growth at TravelBird, where he led the largest and fastest growing countries in terms of revenue. He is Imagine Digital’s ‘growth hacker’: knowing the best ways to drive exponential growth on the web using online marketing and web technologies. Erik applies his knowledge for Imagine Digital’s clients and is founder of TenCommerce – a fast growing e-commerce deal platform. Erik holds a masters degree from Erasmus University in Rotterdam specializing in marketing management.

Bastiaan Gielliet

Bastiaan is responsible for Imagine Digital’s analytics framework and the Imagine Digital Academy. Essentially, Bastiaan provides the customer insights that drive online growth. Bastiaan started his career with Google in 2005. He held several positions in Dublin and Amsterdam as specialist in customer acquisition, conversion rate optimization and attribution analytics. Bastiaan holds a masters degree in History from Amsterdam University.

Juan Marin

Juan has been partner of Imagine Digital from the inception of the business in the Netherlands. Juan’s team in Madrid powers the e-commerce technology behind Imagine Digital’s clients. Juan also supports Imagine Digital’s clients on developing digital strategy. Juan started his career with McKinsey and through several marketing and management positions in the financial sector, ran Google’s Global Top Accounts business. Juan holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and an MBA from IESE.

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