Many companies struggle to accelerate their digital business.

Is it taking too long to get things done?
Do you feel you could go faster with more digital expertise?
Are you fully in control of all your digital channels?

How we can help.

Startup, scale-up or grown-up, it doesn't really matter to us. As long as there's a digital element we will be excited to help you grow your revenue and scale your business.



We develop digital strategies to adapt to changing customer behavior and maximize digital growth by excuting strategies together.



We grow your business with confidence with direct access to experts from Google, Facebook, Amazon and other leading platforms.



We build your digital growth team with the skills to keep scaling and growing revenue through our academy or placements.


Pets Place

In their own words

Before we started the transformation journey with Imagine we had outsourced our digital function. Together we have built the digital team and now have full control over all digital channels. Revenue from online sales has increased to €17 million.
─ Ard Malenstein, CEO


4x revenue growth in 2 years.

Our promises.

We only start when your goals are completely aligned with ours
Our mission is to give you results, not effort
We aim to build digital capabilities into your company, not keep them to ourselves


In their own words

Our revenue from online sales is 10x higher than when we started working with Imagine. We rely on the team to deliver large growth initiatives and think strategically with the founders on how to create value for Naïf as a whole.
─ Sjoerd Trompetter, Founder


10x revenue growth in 2 years

Imagine (all the) people

Core team.


Managing Director

Henri thinks along with boards and founders to develop vision and strategy for digital transformation. Before Imagine he worked in leadership positions at Google.


Partner Manager

Nancy makes sure our customers get access to experts they need to accelerate growth and operations at Imagine run smoothly.


Growth Manager

Erik is responsible to leading growth projects and making sure they deliver the right results. In the scale up phase for Rocket Internet’s TravelBird he was responsible for delivering revenue growth in the largest markets.


Product Manager

Bastiaan leads the implementation and transfer of specialist knowledge. At Google, Bastiaan spent 11 years helping large customers implement Google’s advertising, analytics and web optimisation products.



Focussing on customer loyaltly. Native English and Italian speaker.



Focussing on scaling through marketplaces such as Amazon. Native German speaker.