“The critical success factor is working with the right people”

Rob Coolen 

The question from KvK

On behalf of the Dutch government, KvK handles all initiatives to improve entrepreneurship and doing business in the Netherlands. While the KvK had transformed organisationally, the CCO of KvK asked if our growth team could help accelerate the digital transformation of KvK’s services to entrepreneur sin the Netherlands.

Imagine Digital’s solution

Together with KvK we developed an online strategy that focusses on new digital services for entrepreneurs. One that focusses on :

  1. Relevant content and a new web-site design that brings in 10x the amount of visitors to the non-trade register side of the digital proposition
  2. More capacity and capabilities to execute digital propositions in an agile work environment
  3. Development of new digital propositions for all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

The results

The online team at KvK has grown from 2 scrum to 5 and operate the way teams do at Google or Spotify. All the different content propositions have been brought into one clear organisation that has managed to double online visits within one year. Finally, a new digital proposition from the government to assist all entrepreneurs in the Netherlands is due to be launched in 2018.